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People who live in a city that offers then good standards of living are always happy and happy people are the evidence of the prosperity of a city. For a city to flourish, it needs to have a very effective strategy aimed towards long-term growth that includes planning guidelines, basic infrastructure, space requirements, policies and world-class amenities and facilities. Delhi, the national capital has come up as one of the fastest developing cities across the world. The objective of keeping the growth of Delhi sustainable can only be fulfilled by chucking out plans and by drafting policies at a very fast pace. This can also help in keeping pace with the ever-rising demands of this fast-developing city.

Master Plans Delhi 2021 has been developed with the objective of easing the burden on city limits and offering residential units to people within an affordable range. The plan also works with the objective of expanding the limits of the city by motivating people to make a move towards the suburbs. MPD 2021 also aims at increasing the population-holding competence of Delhi by redeveloping some of its existing regions. Delhiā€™s periphery was offered great significance and therefore different Zones were formed for housing affordable residential projects and apartments that would feature all the basic amenities and infrastructure in perfect place. This has been done for making Delhi an independent sub-city.

Among the different Zones that have been formed in Delhi, the L Zone is considered the most upcoming and the largest zone featuring the perfect implementation of the Smart City plan and the Master Plan Delhi 2021. There are a number of benefits offered by L Zone and they are as follows:

  • The L Zone will be having metro connectivity and a perfectly developed metro station.
  • It lies very close to the Indira Gandhi International Airport located in Delhi.
  • The zone will also feature a well built diplomatic enclave.
  • The zone offers great road connectivity to some of the most important cities of India.
  • It will have the link roads to the city of Gurgaon passing through it.
  • Education shall be offered great importance and this will be done by establishing colleges and universities.
  • The construction and establishment of Delhi University has also been proposed in L Zone.
  • L Zone will have international hospitals offering top level medical facilities.

The LPP or Land Pooling Policy comes with the guarantee of offering some of the best civic amenities and facilities to the prospective clients. These amenities include undisturbed supply of power; roads with proper connection; recreational spaces such as playgrounds and parks, top quality education and health care and clear drains. The Land Pooling Policy has been framed by the DDA or Delhi development Authority.

The Antriksh Group has collaborated with the Diamond Multi State CGHS with the objective of developing the Diamond Towers. This is a residential project located in Dwarka and will work as per the MPD 2021 offering a wide assortment of amenities and features to the prospective home seekers. Land for developing this project shall be obtained from the landowners in the L Zone. It is also to be noted that this project shall be designed by the Diamond Multi State CGHS considering the ideas and the requirements of its clients. This development project will feature affordable residential units for the LIG and EWS and this will be done according to MPD 2021.

DDA will have complete control on the land obtained for developing this project along with the design of the project. Some part of the obtained land shall be kept reserved for developmental activities such as playground, swimming pool, park and play area for kids. The apartments will be available in a range of Studio Rooms, 1BHK flats and 2 BHK flats. This means that each apartment will suit the budget restraints of the potential home seekers.

Therefore, it can rightly be said that Antriksh Diamond Towers will serve as a landmark in L Zone, Dwarka. This is the right time for home buyers and investors to place orders for apartments at this development project. Booking an apartment will bring in great profits for the investors.