Lakhs Of Affordable Dwelling Units To Be Constructed In Newly Announced 109 Sectors In Land Pooling Zones.

Diamond CGHS

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Nowadays, the Diplomat Avenue is the most top-notch project which is providing diamond multi-state CGHS. In addition to this, they are the best real estate group in the society that offers diplomatic residential projects for everyone. It meets different things so that one can understand the requirements clearly and undertake the multistate cooperative society act 2002. Of course, registered projects designed with the finest solution that brings forth attention on the financial benefits. They are the leading top-notch housing development that consists of investment at right time. The people are investing it at the right time which makes the investment properties that return with the investment money. Each and everyone get attention on the financial needs so that it brings land polling policy schemes forever.

On the other hand, the investment is right so that everyone gets attention to the finest difference without any hassles. It brings forth attention on the return for investing money for the right project in a simple manner. The investors can get the dream which consists of a dream home that access with dynamic results without any hassles. The housing project is simple and delivers good housing scheme as per the government terms and conditions. It gets into the investment money and accesses the scheme by this Diplomat Avenue.

Necessary functionalities of Multi-State CGHS

This is very important for the folks to achieve real estate industry today and bring good qualities and other services to the people. However, this is suitable for developing the best platform that develops without any hassles. In addition to this, the customers get the suitable option in which it makes advanced payment option to deliver better home forever. This is known as multi-state CGHS and useful for the farmers to grab it within the terms and land pooling policies. It keeps clear documents of the land so that it considers best efforts to reach the global level in the marketing place. This keeps track of the land pooling policy that efforts to get attention on the Delhi Development Authority.

This is based on the best layout design that is suitable for developing a well planned association for your need and want. This takes place in delivering high-class authority Member for others to meet the applying for the approvals. It is capable of developing right Delhi development authority so that it mingles with the right development team. The entire projects are designed according to the authority member and not for others so they get approval for everyone. The society builds with the CGHS that is responsible one for creating the subdivision of internal roads and other services.

They make certain infrastructure for obtaining parks and roads gather in the approval from the Delhi development authority. In fact, this is suitable for obtaining overall systems for making clear access for everyone.

Flat Type Built - up Area Total Cost of Appartment
(Land Cost + Const. Cost*)
Total Land Cost Registration
Amount to be paid
within 10 Days
Annexure of DDA Land Submission Date 33% of Land Cost On DDA Land Submission 34%
of Land Cost
On DDA Provisional
LTC 33% of Land Cost
in Sq. Ft. in Sq. M.
SUITS 320 29.7 12,80,000 6,40,000 11,000 1,00,000 1,05,300 2,17,600 2,11,200
1 BHK 460 42.7 18,40,000 9,20,000 11,000 2,00,000 97,700 3,12,800 3,03,600
2 BHK(2T) 690 64.1 27,60,000 13,80,000 21,000 3,00,000 1,39,500 4,69,200 4,55,400
2 BHK (2T) 820 76.2 32,80,000 16,40,000 21,000 3,50,000 1,75,300 5,57,600 5,41,200
3 BHK(2T) 1150 106.9 46,00,000 23,00,000 21,000 4,00,000 3,43,100 7,82,000 7,59,000
3 BHK(3T) 1400 130.1 56,00,000 28,00,000 21,000 4,50,000 4,58,100 9,52,000 9,24,000
3 BHK(SQ) 1650 153.3 66,00,000 33,00,000 21,000 4,75,000 5,98,100 11,22,000 10,89,000
4 BHK(SQ) 2150 199.8 86,00,000 43,00,000 31,000 5,50,000 8,43,100 14,62,000 14,19,000